Richie Ros from Ireland - Samstag, 11.11.2023 ab 20.00 Uhr im RW-Bluesbuero, Neckartal 95 in Rottweil

Richie Ros is an Irish folk singer songwriter who performs international hits as well as some well known Irish ballads.

Richie relesased his debut album „Odyssey“ in 2019 with beautifully, well crafted songs about Love, Hope, Regret, Fairytales and the Afterlife.

He says:  Some of the best concerts I’ve played have been house concerts. The energy that you can create with a small group of people in an intimate setting can be absolutely amazing. I’ve been playing house concerts for the last 10 years and every one is always uniquely different.

I’ve been playing house concerts for over 10 years and I performed them in over 15 different countries.

I love listening to people’s stories and I love learning about the different cultures and the history of the location that I’m playing in.

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