Samstag, 07. Oktober, 20 Uhr - Konzert mit Joan Pau Cumellas und Miguel Talavera im RW-Bluesbuero, Neckartal 95 in Rottweil
Eintritt €20, Reservierung unter 0173/3026042 erforderlich.

An exceptional harmonica and a creative dobro guitar compose this energetic blues duo.
Two musicians from Barcelona that stand out both for the mastery of their instruments and their expressiveness and
sensibility during live performances.

They interpret both classic covers and their own themes, displaying a blues open to other styles like country and traditional
jazz. Their multiple references go from Elmore James or Sonny Terry to Duke Ellington or J.J. Cale and reach more
contemporary artists. A repertoire of sounds and beats to enjoy the inspiration of these two singular musicians.

Cumellas and Talavera play at numerous festivals and are known in Europe for their participation in Blues & Bluegrass
events, and have also performed in countries such as the USA, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay and Cuba.
They accompany artists of the first international level and lead other musical projects with which they have recorded
numerous records.
They teach their respective instruments and also work as studio musicians for television, cinema, and other musical projects.

Joan Pau Cumellas: harmonica, vocals
Miguel Talavera: dobro guitar, vocals